About Us

Our mission:

  • Organize resistance against those powers that stigmatize, marginalize, and disenfranchise others
  • Provide an oasis of support and encouragement for those who resist

Our plan


(to build relationships and alliances, to grow, to learn, to develop skills, to take the log out of our own eye)


(to challenge misinformation, to confront bigotry, to call out church officials who disingenuously claim to love everyone but acquiesce in institutional bullying, to caucus in order to democratically remove officials who marginalize and disenfranchise others) 


(to create alternate communities of faith that strengthen their members, focus on the biblical descriptions of Jesus, and connect people in order to practice mercy, do justice, and walk humbly with God)

Our Venues are this website and a Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/resistanceoasis

Our first critical step

Our first step is to build a coalition, starting with circles of conversation. People will be invited to join a circle based on self-identification…particularly according to whether and how one sees oneself being marginalized by others. People can either meet locally or online in these circles. The circles will also have opportunities to relate to each other in forming our wider coalition. Such circles might include people who see themselves as being marginalized because of sexuality, race, poverty, age, etc. Another circle can include those who see themselves as “sympathetic insiders” rather than marginalized.

In order to get connected (or start) with a a circle, use the “contact us” button above and let us know your interest.

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