This page will provide an updated listing of all our circles of conversation. Each circle of conversation is made up of people who have similar experiences, perhaps of being marginalized because of stereotype, or because of being an ‘insider’ who feels powerless. Check back to this page for an update as our circles begin to grow. Use the links to inquire about various circles or become a part of one.

Connect with a Circle

When you click a link, please state which circle or circles you identify with…or suggest a new circle

LGBTQIA+ click here

Sympathetic Insider click here

Too old to be taken seriously anymore click here

Encountering racism click here

Encountering sexism click here

Immigrant click here

Too young to be taken seriously yet click here

Coping with poverty click here

Coping with a disability click here

Ex-United Methodist still concerned click here

Non-United Methodist partners click here

Conservatives who are being misrepresented click here

Evangelical Christians who are being misrepresented click here

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